Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caution: Egalitarian Post *In Small Words... Why Can't We Be Friends?*

     Since my last post was when I was in L.A. I figured I might want to write this so you all know I'm not M.I.A. and/or lying in a ditch somewhere. I'm alive! I'm finishing up my last several shows for the summer. Plus I've been gearing up for my school work to start back up. Senior year baby! Anyways, if you haven't already noticed from the title of this post, there is a reason I'm writing this.
     One of the main reasons I started writing this blog was to share with people the good and bad things that come with being an artist/musician along with a few random bits of my life. I'm still learning a lot about the music business, but there's one thing I've learned a whole lot about over the past five and a half years of doing this. It's a very sexist job. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking, "You're just now figuring that out?" and some of you have probably never taken the time to notice.
     I'm not going to go off ranting about how the whole male population in the music industry is lazy and undeserving because that would just be ignorant, stupid and not true (although I will say it seems to be harder for women). The truth is, one of the things I've witnessed the most is women not supporting other women. We'll be the first to comment/like/share a video if it has a cute guy who can relatively sing, but the moment we see a girl who is extremely talented and beautiful, we get jealous. I promise I'm not the pot calling the kettle black because I've been guilty of doing this myself. It's so easy to get caught up in what someone else has. It's so easy to get jealous of their success. It's so easy to not share something because you feel threatened. I understand completely. But if we would all quit judging each other and be supportive, there would be more successful women in this business.

     I've been lucky enough to know some awesome, kick butt women that are pursuing music and have supported me (*GalFriday*). I've had some amazing women be examples of the kind of love and strength I want to be (*GoldyLocks*).
     I think girls can do anything they want to. We can play guitar, drums, bass, ect. just as good as the boys can. We can be kind, accepting, and respectful to one another. We can support someone who truly deserves it even if we feel a little insecure compared to them. Maybe if we all did that we wouldn't feel like the whole female population is judging our every move.

     And to any guy that's still reading, God bless you if you made it this far, this can apply to you too. I'm a firm believer in everyone being equal. So, since us girls are such dedicated fangirls, why don't you go be a dedicated fanboy and share at least one female musician's Facebook Page, Twitter, Youtube, ect.
     I just wanted to bring a little awareness to what I've been noticing a lot lately. I would really love it if you'd all go on facebook or twitter and share a female artist that you enjoy! Make sure you tag me @Carsonhhill on twitter and my facebook page. Use the hashtag #CHill. Also, check out the awesome women that I completely adore below and go support their music!


Goldy Locks- (GoldyKnows) (Goldy LockS Band)

GalFriday Band- http://www.galfridayband.com

Taylor Centers- http://www.taylorcenters.com

Anna Cibbarelli- https://www.facebook.com/AnnaCibbarelliMusic?fref=ts

Brooke McBride- https://www.facebook.com/brookemcbridemusic

My Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/CarsonHillMusic

My Website- http://www.carsonhillmusic.com

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  1. Keep your pants on kid. Stand your ground and remember what your parents taught you. You have good ones. Don't ever do what the other slut buckets in this biz do because you have talent. I've made a lot of mistakes, but I've never compromised that. I know what I have and what God gave me. Continue to do all that you do, be grateful and appreciative which you are, and treat peeps with respect, which you do. You are a great artist and human being. Don't ever think about being anything but you, put in the work and you will get there sweetheart. I am honored you would include me in your blog. A public "thank you." Keep your eye on the prize as a mentor of mine ALWAYS says. ;-) But remember, you're already a star Carson Hill. Just remember to enjoy the journey. #GoldyKnows #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyLocksBand